Who Is a Good Candidate for CEREC® Crowns?

Posted on: April 6, 2020

CEREC crowns Onalaska, WI

Have you heard a lot about CEREC crowns in recent years? This restorative dental procedure is taking the place of traditional crowns in many instances. If you have a damaged tooth, a severe cavity or want to get an implant, a crown could be the right solution. Instead of going through a lengthy process to get one, you may benefit from the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic variety.

Understanding CEREC® crowns

In some form, crowns have existed for centuries. This treatment can strengthen a weak tooth or prevent further damage to one. Crowns are natural-looking, making it virtually impossible to detect that a person has one. The dentist can make one to match the shape, size and color of the surrounding teeth. Unlike traditional crowns, CEREC ones are made at the dentist’s office using computer technology.

When time is of the essence

One of the possible drawbacks of traditional crowns is that it can take a few weeks for the person to get one in their mouth. The dentist must first take X-rays and make impressions of the mouth. These go to a lab technician, who fabricates the crown to fit over the affected tooth. It may be two or three weeks after the preparatory appointment before the crown is ready. With CEREC crowns, there is no waiting. The entire process takes two hours or less.

Looking just like a real tooth

Dentists and technicians can do a good job replicating a natural tooth when making a crown. Traditional crowns closely resemble the patient’s other teeth. There is an even bigger similarity for CEREC crowns. The dentist begins the process by creating a 3-D impression of the person’s mouth where they need a crown. This captures every contour, depression and groove of the natural tooth. Aesthetically, a traditional crown cannot stand up to this type.

For people who need durability

The last thing a patient needs when getting a crown is to end up in the dentist’s office a few short years later to get a new one. With proper care, a CEREC crown should last 15 years or even longer. Once the dentist has made the 3-D image, a milling machine creates the ceramic crown. It is strong enough to withstand a normal bite force. Though patients should avoid some hard foods, a person with this crown should not have to adjust their diet drastically.

For a good feel

It can take some time to get used to a new crown. Patients have experienced a faster acclimation period with CEREC crowns, however. People should not have much sensitivity after the procedure. There is also no need to have temporary crowns. On the same day as the appointment, the patient can resume normal activities.

It makes sense

Instead of making two or three trips over a three-week period to the dentist’s office, take care of everything in a couple of hours. CEREC crowns can do the same effective work as a traditional crown. The good news is that you will not have to wait until it is ready. The dentist makes the crown in the office and places it in your mouth right then and there. Call your dentist today and ask whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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