When to Seek Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on: March 16, 2019

There are many reasons which provide motivation to seek orthodontic treatment. Like if you do not have straight teeth, then there may be underlying problems that cause pain when you eat.

In this article, you will discover the different situations that may necessitate visiting your dentist for an expert evaluation.

Reasons you may need orthodontic treatment

Your self-confidence is suffering

Abnormalities in the teeth such as crowding, protrusion and uneven spacing can cause insecurities. Teeth play a significant role in one's appearance. A beautiful smile can boost your self-confidence, and unattractive teeth can make you self-conscious. You may find yourself smiling less and keeping your mouth closed during group photos.

As an adult, uneven teeth may affect people’s perception, especially on a professional level. If your teeth issue is giving your self-confidence a hit, it may be time to visit the dentist for orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic relapse

Many adults had to get braces as kids to correct crooked teeth. Unfortunately, teeth are naturally prone to shifting back to their previous position if the patient failed to wear retainers consistently. Orthodontic relapse is a situation where the teeth gradually shift from alignment after treatment.

When this happens, patients have to return to the dental office for another course of orthodontic treatment to correct the issue. Usually, dentists ensure that patients understand the importance of wearing retainers after finishing their treatment to prevent the risk of orthodontic relapse. The patient will also learn to create healthy oral habits and get valuable information on how to preserve their new smile.

Discomfort, cavities and gum disease

Teeth misalignments can cause the teeth to overlap, creating close gaps that make brushing and flossing the teeth difficult. As a result, plaque and bacteria can buildup. This buildup causes dental issues such as dental cavities, gum disease and gum recession. With an efficient orthodontic procedure, the teeth will become spaced and aligned correctly to make your oral hygiene habits easier and effective. Also, you will experience less stress and deterioration on the teeth and jaw joints.

Early treatment

Technological advancements in orthodontics have seen the addition of better, more comfortable and more effective orthodontic devices. Dental experts recommend that parents take their children for a consultation at age seven. In some cases, undergoing orthodontic treatment between the ages of seven and nine is beneficial, when the primary or baby teeth are present.

If the teeth are crowded, the dentist can create spaces to ensure normal teeth eruption. If the issue is jaw-related (such as an overbite, crossbite, open bite, deep bite or underbite), then orthodontic devices can help to correct jaw misalignment and ensure proper development. Early treatment is generally recommended because the procedure is easier and problems can be fixed before they worsen.

In conclusion

To know more about the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment and if it is suitable for you or your child, contact the dental office to book a consultation appointment. The dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation and create a treatment plan to correct the issue.

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