What to Ask Your Implant Specialist

Posted on: August 7, 2019

Are you seeing an implant specialist soon and looking for information on how to prepare for your consultation? Implant specialists are the best people to visit when considering dental implants. They can help replace your missing teeth so that natural function and confident smiling can be restored. However, the dental implant process can be intimidating.

Consulting with an implant specialist can be very helpful as they can go over the questions that you may have about the dental implant process. This article covers some of the questions most commonly asked of implant specialists.

What you should ask your implant specialist

These questions are common among people who are considering a dental implant procedure to replace their missing teeth.

1. How long does the dental implant process take?

An implant specialist will tell you that the dental implant process usually takes about a few months overall. After the initial procedure where the implants and artificial teeth are placed, the mouth has to undergo a significant time period where healing takes place. During this healing period, a natural fusing of the bone must also take place.

A lot of people fear that the process will take too long but the end results tend to be worth it. And, an implant specialist will do everything that they can to make the process go quickly and smoothly.

2. Will dental implants hurt?

Asking an implant specialist about the pain that comes along with implant surgery is always a good idea. Because each person reacts differently to pain, it is good to go over this topic beforehand so that you are best prepared.

Implant placement does involve minimally invasive surgery which can result in some discomfort or inflammation but an implant specialist can help with pain management to reduce and relieve any pain that comes with the procedure.

3. Can an implant specialist replace all of my teeth?

Yes. Implant specialists can replace as many or as few missing teeth as needed. One benefit of working with an implant specialist is that they are experts at replacing teeth that are missing. There are many different options for tooth replacement but dental implants happen to be effective and long-lasting.

4. Are dental implants permanent?

Implant specialists have a goal of providing long-lasting dental implants. Because they are embedded beneath the jawbone and fuse with the bone naturally, they are designed to be permanent. However, there is always a risk of complication or infection, although these happen very rarely.

5. Are dental implants safe?

Yes. Implant specialists advocate for dental implants because they are made of titanium which is a safe and biodegradable material that fuses with the bone naturally. This means that the body is very unlikely to reject them.

Are you looking for an implant specialist?

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