What Risks Are Involved in a Root Canal Treatment?

Posted on: August 8, 2018

In need of a root canal treatment and wondering what to expect? If a dentist told you that you are going to need to have a root canal performed, know that it is necessary in order to save your tooth. It is always better for you to have all of your teeth, as missing teeth can lead to your experiencing additional mouth problems. While you may have heard stories about how painful a root canal can be, know that modern dental advances have made the root canal process a much simpler experience.

According to the American Association of Endodontists, the longer you postpone treatment, the more you risk the chance to save your tooth.

Why root canals are necessary

Anytime there is a lot of swelling it could mean that there is an infection in the tooth. If a tooth is indeed infected, it will need treatment as soon as absolutely possible, which involves a root canal. In order to save the tooth, it is necessary to remove all of the pulp inside the tooth, which also removes the infection. A thorough cleaning and disinfecting the tooth is the next step. This step shapes the canal so that a special filling can then be added to the inside of the tooth to protect it from any further damage.

What are the risks that come with root canal treatment?

The American Dental Association claims that there is very little scientific evidence behind the suggestion that root canals can lead to someone experiencing major health risks, which should make those getting a root canal for the first feel better. The following are some associated risks that come with having a root canal performed, which is a surgical process.

There is a chance that a root canal will: • create a secondary infection • result in the actual loss of the tooth • create an abscess at the tooth’s root

Have any specific root canal questions?

We are available to answer any of your root canal treatment questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us as we are here for you! We think it is really important for all of our dental patients to fully understand everything there is to know about a certain dental procedure. When you are aware of what a dental procedure can do for you, you are able to make informed decisions about your overall dental health. We understand that root canals tend to get a bad rap, but know that this is no longer the case due to modern dentistry advances. Be sure to call us now with your root canal questions!

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