What Material Are CEREC Crowns Made of?

Posted on: November 8, 2019

CEREC Onalaska, WI

CEREC crowns are fabricated and placed during a single dental visit. These crowns are commonly referred to as chairside crowns since dentists do everything right in the office instead of sending impressions to a dental laboratory. The impressions are sent to a milling machine, which fabricates the crowns using a block of ceramic. Ceramic crowns provide countless advantages.

Advantages of ceramic crowns

Patients can choose from a variety of materials when getting dental crowns. Traditional crowns are available in ceramic, porcelain-fused to metal, gold alloys and base metal alloys. CEREC crowns are only available in ceramic. Many people prefer all-ceramic crowns due to the benefits.

Natural appearance

Ceramic crowns reflect light in the same way that natural teeth do. Many patients prefer the material used in CEREC crowns because it is difficult to differentiate between the crowns and natural teeth. Dentists match the natural tooth color with the crown before the milling process to make the crown look even more natural. Dentists can even match the grooves in the teeth.


For a crown to look natural, the gum tissue must grow around the tooth. If this does not happen, it will be clear that a restoration has taken place. Ceramic is biocompatible. That means the gum tissue grows back around the tooth, creating an even more natural appearance. Once the gum grows around the tooth, it is difficult to tell that a tooth has been restored.

Maintain more of the natural tooth structure

Those who choose CEREC crowns enjoy another benefit. Dentists do not remove as much of the tooth’s structure when fitting CEREC crowns. The more tooth structure the patient keeps, the stronger the tooth is. The patient is less likely to need additional restorations in the future.


CEREC all-ceramic crowns are also more convenient than other types of crowns. Patients only need one dental appointment and do not have to wear temporary crowns. Instead of spending weeks completing the restoration, patients can walk out in a few hours. This saves patients a great deal of time.

Not sensitive to temperatures

Metal crowns contract and contrast when exposed to extreme temperatures. Simply taking a sip of coffee can cause this to happen. If the crown gets smaller, food can get inside and cause decay. If it gets bigger, it can put stress on the teeth and cause them to crack. Ceramic crowns are not affected by temperatures.

Getting CEREC crowns

If you want a CEREC crown, your dentist can help. Your dentist will discuss the benefits of ceramic crowns with you, including the natural appearance, biocompatibility and the amount of natural tooth structure you will maintain. Your dentist will also talk about the convenience of CEREC crowns and explain that this material is not sensitive to temperature changes. Then, if you want to move forward, your dentist will see if you are a good candidate and begin the process to improve your smile.

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