What Is the Process for Getting Implant Supported Dentures?

Posted on: August 16, 2019

If you need false teeth, implant supported dentures might be the right choice. Implants hold the dentures in place and prevent the prosthesis from rubbing against the gums. These dentures are stable and secure while restoring the smile. Learn about the process, so you will know what to expect.

Process for implant supported dentures

Patients need to visit the dentist four times to get implant supported dentures. During the first visit, patients must come in for an initial consultation before moving forward with dentures. Dentists take X-rays and impressions during this visit.

Implant surgery

Patients come back to the dentist for implant surgery. Dentists place the implants into the jawbone. The implant takes the place of the tooth’s root. Dentists typically place 6-8 implants for the upper dentures. Lower dentures require 4-5 implants.

The incisions are stitched and patients are sent home to heal. It takes approximately 3-6 months to heal after implant surgery. During this time, osteointegration takes place. That means the bones fuse to the jawbone.

Attaching the hardware

After the implants have fused to the jawbone, patients must come back for a second surgery. Dentists expose the dental implants and attach abutments to each one. The abutments will hold the dentures in place. It takes approximately two weeks for the gums to heal after this surgery.

Denture placement

Patients come back for a final visit. The dentist begins by attaching a metal bar to the abutments. The dentures are placed on the bar, and the dentist checks the fit. The dentures are fabricated from impressions taken of the patient’s mouth.

Even so, adjustments might be needed to provide the proper fit. These adjustments are usually minor and can be performed in the dental office. The dentist will quickly make the adjustment and try the fit once again. Once the fit is correct, dentists secure the implants in place. Dentists add additional attachments to ensure the dentures are secure. The additional security ensures the implants will support the dentures.

Once the dentures are secured in place, the dentist will provide information for caring for the implant supported dentures. The dentures and gums need to be brushed just like natural teeth. Also, patients are encouraged to floss implant-supported dentures to prevent bacteria and plaque from building up. The dentist will also make an appointment for the patient. It is critical to visit the dentist every six months when wearing implant supported dentures. Dentists need to examine the gums and dentures at each appointment.

Getting implant supported dentures

Implant supported dentures look and feel like natural teeth, making them a top choice for people. If you choose to get this restoration, you will need to go to the dentist for a consultation. Then you will get surgery to place the dental implants. A second procedure will be scheduled, so your dentist can put the abutments on the implants. Then you will return for denture placement. By the time you leave your final appointment, you will have a full set of teeth.

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