What is the Natural Color of Teeth?

Posted on: October 16, 2018

Have you ever wondered what the natural color of teeth is? Or have you just always assumed it was white like a piece of paper? If so, you are one of many who have been mislead as to what the color of natural teeth is.

By understanding the actual color of natural teeth, you can better understand what the different shades mean as it relates to oral health.

Natural Color of Teeth

The popular belief is that the whiter teeth are, the healthier they are. However, this premise is not necessarily true.

The following is everything you need to know about the natural color of teeth, which in return helps you determine whether or not the color of your teeth is a cause for concern.

What is the natural color of teeth?

If you have always believed that the natural color of teeth is white, then you are certainly not the only one. However, the natural color of teeth is not white – at least not the type of white that is most commonly associated with teeth.

While natural teeth have a white shade to them, teeth are not naturally the color of a piano tile or piece of paper. Instead, teeth have a slight yellow tint to them. To be completely specific, the color of enamel is a bluish color, although it is mostly transparent, allowing the yellow shade of dentine to shine through.

Therefore, teeth with a slightly yellow shade do not necessarily suggest teeth are unhealthy, just as having completely white teeth does not indicate that they are healthy.

What does tooth discoloration mean?

Since teeth are naturally slightly yellow, why do so many associate yellow teeth as “stained” and unhealthy?

For some reason, it has become mainstream to associate white teeth with a beautiful, healthy smile and yellow teeth with a stained, smile that is not well cared for. In large part, this is due to teeth whitening and bleach-based toothpaste.

For the most part, there is nothing bad about having teeth that are whiter than the natural color of teeth. On the other hand, however, teeth that are beyond a slight yellow and are more dark yellow than anything else is typically the result of poor oral hygiene.

How to whiten your teeth safely

For the most part, a white smile suggests a healthy smile, and the rule rarely fails. Therefore, being able to whiten your smile can help you make a good first impression when needed, and help you to feel more confident in social situations.

As a result, it can be helpful to try and whiten your smile, while ensuring the teeth whitening does not cause damage to enamel or the gums. The best way to ensure this is to visit your dentist for a teeth cleaning and teeth whitening procedure. Additionally, preventing stains by brushing and flossing frequently and avoid too many sugary foods and drinks can help keep teeth white and completely healthy.

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