What Is the Goal of a Dental Smile Makeover?

Posted on: November 25, 2019

smile makeover Onalaska, WI

Most people who undertake a smile makeover do so with the hope of improving the way their smile looks and gaining the ability to grin widely without hesitation. But in pursuit of that finished product, patients and their dentists may pursue a number of smaller goals, some easily achieved in a visit or two and some more time-consuming and invasive. 


One frequent goal of those getting a smile makeover is whitening teeth and making them brighter, shinier and more consistently colored. On the simplest level, this may be done by bleaching teeth at the dentist’s office or using at-home tools, such as strips or toothpaste. Teeth in need of more improvements than that may benefit from veneers and enamels that not only present a whiter surface but smooth out any imperfections.

Filling gaps

Any cosmetic dentistry makeover will include among its goals a gorgeous toothy smile with no empty spaces calling attention to themselves. More complex dental procedures such as crowns, bridges, implants and dentures may be necessary for some patients to get that lovely complete set of gleaming pearly whites. Finally taking care of missing and broken teeth will not only improve the appearance of the mouth but give the patient more reason to smile. 

Straightening teeth

Adjusting teeth to put them in the proper position is another way to pursue the goal of improving a smile’s appearance. If teeth straightening is called for, it can often be done with the more contemporary clear version of braces rather than the traditional wiry kind. It is important to get teeth in their proper positions before moving forward with other smile makeover procedures, since braces may need to be glued onto tooth surfaces, but improving what those other techniques have to work with can only be helpful.

Repairing gums

The goal of having an attractive smile assumes that teeth and gums are healthy and in good repair. Puffy, damaged or too-low gums can ruin the way a smile looks and also makes it harder to maintain good oral hygiene, which in turn impairs the smile. Makeovers may include gum grafts or gum shaping to ensure that the tissue surrounding the teeth highlights them rather than detracts from them.   

Oral health

While a smile makeover may not specifically include improving oral health, any changes that are made for appearances’ sake will certainly make the teeth and gums healthier. Patients will need to maintain good oral hygiene to maintain that made-over smile. In the long run, getting a healthier mouth may be the biggest benefit of cosmetic dentistry. Replacing missing teeth and realigning crooked ones can make eating easier as well, improving a patient’s quality of life well beyond more apparent advantages.


Whether a patient’s goal for a smile makeover is a small improvement or a major overhaul, it can be a good way to improve both appearance and health. A presentable smile can also offer a major left in self-confidence and self-esteem. That makes it a worthy goal to go after.

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