The Importance of Orthodontics and When it is Needed

Posted on: September 7, 2019

The goal of orthodontics is to fix dental problems like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gapped teeth as well as uneven bites. An orthodontist makes it their goal to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth while making it easier for them to chew, bite and speak.

The importance of orthodontics

Orthodontics is important for several reasons. The treatments help fix alignment problems in the teeth and jaws while also helping to improve the appearance of teeth, which helps to prevent more extensive orthodontic treatments later in life.

Alignment problems

Orthodontic devices like braces and clear aligners can be used to fix bite problems like overbites, underbites and crossbites.

Improvement of the appearance of teeth

Having crooked teeth, crowded teeth or gaps in the teeth can ruin the appearance of one’s smile. Orthodontic devices like braces and aligners can address the problems and improve the appearance of the smile.

Helps to keep the mouth healthy

Orthodontics is not only used to correct problems with the teeth, but it can also be used to improve one’s oral health. Having crooked teeth makes it difficult to clean the teeth properly and can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. By straightening the teeth, orthodontics indirectly improves the patient’s oral health.

Types of orthodontic treatments


This is the most common orthodontic treatment. Braces are used to fix crooked teeth, alignment problems and also bite problems. The process includes bonding brackets to the surface of the front or back of the teeth, with wires attached to the brackets to tighten them and gradually move the patient’s teeth into the desired position.

Braces are commonly used on young children and teenagers because their teeth are still developing and their jaw is still growing, which makes it easier to address problems like crowding.

Clear Aligners

Aligners are used as an alternative to braces for people who want to fix the problems with their teeth discreetly and for people who need only minor corrections. Instead of having braces fixed on the teeth for the duration of the treatment, a tray of aligners are customized for each patient. Each aligner is designed to be used for two weeks before being discarded for the next set of aligners in the tray — until they have all been used.


These can be used to fix minor problems with the teeth and they are also used to hold the teeth in place after orthodontic treatment is complete. Dentists will recommend that their patients use retainers after completing their orthodontic treatment to keep the teeth from moving back to their former position. The length of time the retainers have to be worn for will be determined by the dentist.


Orthodontics is a very important dental practice that can significantly improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth and fix other dental problems that they have. If you have flaws in your teeth that you want to fix, visit your orthodontist to find out which treatment option is right for you.

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