Suffering From Tooth Sensitivity? 5 Tips to Protect Sensitive Teeth

Posted on: September 16, 2018

Thinking it is finally time to find a solution to your sensitive teeth? Good for you. If you have been suffering from teeth that are overly sensitive, it is probably difficult for you to even get through the day. While there are different levels of tooth sensitivity, when someone experiences any type of tooth pain, they are going to be suffering. You can take charge of your tooth sensitivity by following these tips for protecting sensitive teeth.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

The main cause of tooth sensitivity is directly related to worn-down tooth enamel and tooth roots that are exposed. Other reasons include having a dental cavity, having a chipped or cracked tooth, having a filling that is worn down and being diagnosed with a gum disease.

Five tips to protect sensitive teeth

The following are five  great tips that can help those who are suffering from sensitive teeth.

Protecting sensitive teeth #1 — using a soft-bristled toothbrush is suggested, as this type of toothbrush is more gentle on the teeth and the gums

Protecting sensitive teeth #2 — using a desensitizing toothpaste is suggested because it contains certain compounds that prevent the nerve endings of teeth from being affected by any irritants

Protecting sensitive teeth #3 — performing a saltwater rinse once or twice a day is a natural way to reduce any swelling in the mouth, as well as to help relieve any discomfort or pain

Protecting sensitive teeth #4 — swishing the mouth with honey and warm water can increase any healing that needs to take place (like for sore gums) and reduces tooth sensitivity; honey is naturally antibacterial and supports oral healing

Protecting sensitive teeth #5 — getting an in-office dental treatment that can strengthen the tooth enamel, as well as help minimize any pain sensations, can be done by using dental treatment options like a fluoride gel

Will you try the above tips?

Have you decided to use one or more of the above sensitive teeth tips? While these are known to reduce tooth sensitivity, not all of them will work for everyone. This means you need to go ahead and try the tip that you believe will ideally work for you. If it does not, then simply try another method or combine a few. And do not forget to call us if you have any questions. Good luck!

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