Reshape Uneven Teeth

Posted on: October 6, 2018

Uneven teeth can cause a significant amount of distress in individuals who suffer from it, making them less confident and unsure during social situations.

Fortunately, however, reshaping uneven teeth has never been easier and more affordable than it is right now.

How to Reshape Uneven Teeth

There are several ways to reshape uneven teeth. While braces may be able to straighten crooked teeth, having uneven teeth is a different problem that cannot be fixed with braces in most cases.

Uneven teeth – which may be the result of teeth that are either too long or too short – can be reshaped through cosmetic restoration procedures, such as dental contouring and composite bonding.

Why reshaping uneven teeth is important

As mentioned, many individuals with uneven teeth feel less confident and suffer from low self-esteem. Additionally, uneven teeth can cause functional issues as well. When adjacent teeth are either much longer or much shorter than a particular tooth, the longer teeth are more prone to grinding, which can cause damaged enamel.

By reshaping uneven teeth, people can gain a level of self-esteem that they may have never had before, ultimately becoming more confident and happy with their smile.

Also, eating and even talking may become easier after reshaping uneven teeth as well. While uneven teeth can cause complications, it is straightforward and does not take long to fix through cosmetic dentistry.

Dental contouring for uneven teeth

The most common form of cosmetic dentistry procedure used to fix uneven teeth is what is known as dental contouring. Dental contouring refers to a procedure in which cosmetic changes are made to teeth, including altering the length, texture and depth of teeth.

During a dental contouring procedure, the dentist is likely to take x-rays to determine where the pulp is located. After determining the safest way to contour the uneven teeth, the dentist gently chips off the excess enamel until the desired length is achieved, and then she or he smoothens and polishes the affected teeth until they are perfectly aligned and look the same as the surrounding teeth.

Dental contouring to reshape uneven teeth usually only takes a couple hours at most, and it is a relatively inexpensive procedure.

Composite bonding for uneven teeth

A bonding procedure may be needed as well when reshaping uneven teeth. Teeth bonding involves using a composite resin material to fill in chips and cracks of teeth. It can also be applied to restore the thickness of a tooth or lengthen a tooth to fix uneven teeth.

The dentist performs the procedure by conducting a thorough oral examination to determine exactly where and how bonding needs to be applied. After which she or he places the composite resin where it is needed, and then uses a high-intensity laser to harden the resin into place.

On many occasions, both dental contouring and composite bonding is needed to fix uneven teeth as some teeth may require lengthening while others need to be contoured and shortened to achieve a completely even smile.

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