What Partial Dentures Can Do For You

Posted on: February 2, 2018

Partial DenturesThose who fail to visit the dentist every six months have lost one or several teeth or have a form of gum disease will likely require partial dentures or full dentures down the line. Though the idea of placing dentures in your mouth each morning might seem depressing, partial dentures will enhance your oral health, your look, and your confidence.

Partial Dentures vs. Full Dentures

Dentures are custom-made to replace some or all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth. Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, replace all of the teeth that rest on the gums. Partial dentures replace a couple missing teeth. If you still have teeth that are fairly healthy, partial dentures are worth considering. This variety of dentures connects to the remaining teeth for enhanced security.

Partial Dentures Resemble Normal Teeth

Modern-day partial dentures look shockingly real. They match the color of your surrounding teeth, providing a uniform aesthetic across the entirety of your mouth. If you have a couple missing teeth and are concerned with the look of a possible replacement, partial dentures will prove optimal. Partial dentures fill those ugly gaps between left behind by teeth that fall out, are knocked out or extracted. Some removable partial dentures connect to the natural teeth with devices known as precision attachments. This attachment is more aesthetically pleasing than clasps. Have partial dentures added to your mouth and you will like the way your smile looks.

Partial Dentures Enhance the Chewing Process

Though you will not be able to consume every single type of food under the sun after your partial dentures are placed in your mouth, you will be able to chew better. Furthermore, the wide array of foods that can be chewed with partial dentures will likely enhance your health. A healthy body requires diverse foods with myriad nutrients and vitamins.

Keep Those Remaining Teeth in Place

If you do not add partial dentures to your mouth, the remaining teeth will likely shift as time progresses. If your teeth shift, they might drift to the point that they loosen and fall out of the mouth. Opt for partial dentures and the teeth will remain in their current position and prove strong for years to come.

Partial Dentures can Even Enhance Your Speech

The loss of teeth makes it difficult to speak clearly. Partial dentures will facilitate the formation of words. Though it will certainly take a couple days to get used to the feel of partial dentures in the mouth, there is no chance of a speech impediment once the partial dentures are firmly in place. So don’t panic if you speak with a slight lisp or find it difficult to pronounce certain words after your dental implants are initially placed. If necessary, practice speaking with the partial dentures in your mouth and it won’t be long until you speak like you did prior to the placement of this oral health solution.

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