Dental Implants: What is Osseointegration?

Posted on: September 13, 2019

Thinking about getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth? Even if you are just missing one of your teeth, you really need to find a replacement option so your oral health can once again be in good shape. Missing teeth not only cause the rest of your teeth to shift out of their normal position, you may also be experiencing difficulty chewing your food and even difficulty talking due to your missing one or more of your teeth.

Why implants are so popular

Wondering why dental implants are such a common tooth replacement option nowadays? Because implants are specifically designed to look like a natural tooth, feel like a natural tooth and function like a natural tooth. Once they are placed in your mouth, they are now a permanent part of your mouth. This means that all you need to do to care for your implants is treat them just like your natural teeth. This includes brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day for good oral health.

How do dental implants work?

An implant is made up of three different parts. This includes the base, also known as the root, the connector, also known as the abutment and the crown. The first part of the process requires a dental professional to surgically insert the base into the patient's jawbone. After the patient has healed from this first process, they will undergo a second process that attaches the connector to the base. After this process has healed, the final and last step requires the crown to be attached to the connector. The end result is a new tooth!

What is osseointegration?

Osteointegration is the necessary process that happens when the implants integrate into the jawbone. In order for an implant to work like it is supposed to and therefore fully function as a natural tooth, it needs to completely integrate with the jawbone. The process allows the base to take firm hold within the jawbone, allowing the base to be strong enough to keep the implant in its new and proper position. The process is one that is completely natural and has been used in the dental industry for a little more than 50 years now.

Dental patients who do not have enough jawbone mass for the base to take hold can choose to undergo a bone graft. Bone grafting is a surgical process that takes bone from the patient's own body or a compatible donor in order to build up enough bone in the area to support an implant. When a dental patient is in need of a bone graft, they must first be approved to undergo the surgical process.

Will implants fit in with your lifestyle?

Are dental implants a good fit for you? Now that you understand more about some of the details associated with getting one or more dental implants placed in your mouth, are you ready to take action? The sooner you make a tooth replacement choice, the sooner you can once again have a healthy mouth. Your mouth is designed to function with a full set of teeth and just missing one of your teeth is going to eventually lead to a number of dental problems.

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