5 Reasons You Should Get Same Day Crowns

Posted on: February 21, 2019

While dental crowns have long been used as a method of dental restoration for people who are in need of treatment, same day crowns are growing in popularity. Dental crowns are used for a variety of different reasons, but their main reason for being placed is to help restore a person’s tooth so that it can look and function naturally again.

As dentistry has progressed greatly, there are now such appliances called same day crowns, and they are becoming popular because they can be placed the same day that a person goes in for treatment.

In this article, we will discuss a few reasons that a person should get same day crowns. Read more below, especially if you’re considering them!

Reasons to get same day crowns

1. Aesthetically pleasing

Same day crowns are made of ceramic materials, meaning they are white in color. A dental crown that is white in color can offer benefits such as discreet treatment and a more aesthetically pleasing looking set of teeth. Traditional crowns are offered in a variety of colors but same day crowns are only white, thus allowing for a natural looking tooth!

2. A treatment that will save you time

A great reason to get a same day crown is that the treatment process will save you time. Unlike traditional crowns, same day crowns are available the same day a person goes into their dentist’s office. This eliminates the need for multiple appointments which can be helpful for someone whose tooth is causing a lot of problems.

3. Metal-free treatment

Traditional crowns are often made of metal which can be strong but it can present disadvantages later on. There may be grayed or dark lines that are left on the surrounding teeth from the metal rubbing off. However, same day crowns are white in color, which allows for a metal-free treatment.

4. Durable and strong

Some people may think that same day crowns aren’t made as strong or durable but that is far from the truth. Same day crowns aren’t made in a lab for each person but they are crafted with strength and durability in mind. The ceramic materials allow for a strong hold over the damaged tooth which will fight off further decay or damage.

The bottom line

Same day crowns can be helpful for a variety of reasons but ultimately it is best to consult with a dentist who can help you determine whether or not they are for you. If you have questions that we didn’t answer in this article then reach out to our office today so that we can help you. Give us a call or stop in!

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