5 Oral Care Tips for Dentures

Posted on: November 16, 2017

DenturesWhen it comes to caring for dentures, it is important to keep up a specific routine on a daily basis. Without the proper care, people will begin to experience fitting issues and risk the dentures falling out at inopportune times. Even with regular care at home, it is important to make scheduled appointments with us to ensure that everything is working properly. Here are 5 tips for proper denture care.

1. Do not let Your Dentures Dry

Never let your dentures become dry. Always place your dentures in a soaking solution that is specifically meant to cleanse dentures. You can also use regular water if you are not wearing your dentures but need a quick means of cleaning them. Do not use hot water as the heat can cause a warping of the dentures. Use cool water, clean off the food particles and any other bits to help the dentures stay clean and moist.

2. Prepare for The Morning Placement

Give the gums and tongue a good brushing each morning prior to placing your dentures. This cleaning improves circulation in your tissues and helps eliminate plaque. This in-depth daily cleaning will also help keep the mouth as fresh as possible throughout the entirety of the day.

3. Be Extremely Careful When Handling Your Dentures

Pay close attention to the dentures when handling them. Do not let them fall out of your grasp. Always remove and hold the dentures above a folded towel or a container of water. Do not lose sight of the fact that dentures are delicate. If one drops the dentures to the counter or floor, they can easily break.

Thus, it is important to take one’s time when handling these valuable oral health devices. Make sure to provide a soft landing surface in case the dentures slip out of your grasp. That way, a fall will not immediately break the sensitive dentures.

4. Clean Your Dentures Every Single Day

Be sure to brush the dentures at least once per day. A thorough brushing will eliminate all of the plaque buildup and those pesky food deposits. This cleaning will also prevent staining to boot. If necessary, use an ultrasonic cleaner to keep your dentures in tip-top shape.

When in doubt, give the dentures a brushing rather than relying on a cleaner. Though rinses will help, nothing replaces a comprehensive brushing performed on a daily basis.

5. Do not Hesitate to Ask for Help From the Professionals

If your denture causes you any problems at all, do not be afraid to speak up. Our oral health care professionals can adjust your dentures in the appropriate manner. If the dentures break, crack, loosen, chip or have any other issue, do not perform an adjustment on your own. Let our oral health care professionals help you find the best solution.

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