3 Instances in Which Early Orthodontic Treatment Is Needed

Posted on: May 15, 2020

early orthodontic treatment Onalaska, WI

Perhaps you think that your kids do not need early orthodontic treatment. Like some parents, you may be waiting for one of your children to reach their teen years to start seeing an orthodontist. If you want to give your son or daughter the beautiful smile they deserve, you should consider starting orthodontic work much sooner. Before your child’s eighth birthday, it may be time to visit a family dentist to get treatment.

How early orthodontic treatment can help a child

For decades, parents have invested the time and money in braces and other orthodontic interventions for their children. Treatments such as braces, retainers and headgear can effectively straighten teeth and align the jaw properly. With a straight smile, children can chew without difficulty. This can also improve speech. There are also emotional and psychological benefits. Orthodontic work can help a child have good self-esteem and a good self-image.

When children have a crowded mouth

Family dentists can tell when young patients are going to have space issues in their mouth. When teeth come in crooked and at incorrect angles, there is little room for permanent teeth to come in. This issue makes chewing painful. It also complicates oral hygiene, as these teeth can be challenging to brush. This could lead to tooth decay and other serious conditions. Parents whose children have a crowded mouth should seek early orthodontic treatment when the child hits age 7.

Jaw dysfunctions

Misaligned jaws will hinder the child’s smile. This can also be a painful and uncomfortable issue. If a family dentist does not start early orthodontic treatment at a young age, the condition will likely worsen. While family dentists can treat this as the child gets older or even in adulthood, it makes sense to take care of it early. The treatment time can be shorter for younger patients. A common treatment is a headgear, which the child may only have to wear at night, depending on the severity of the problem.

Severe bite problems

It is not uncommon to see children who struggle with a crossbite, underbite or overbite. The most sensible approach is to seek early orthodontic treatment. Doing this will shorten the amount of time the patient will wear braces during adolescence. It may also reduce the chances of the patient needing complicated jaw surgery later on. Another key reason to address this condition early is that it can minimize injuries to protruding teeth, which can be common for kids who play sports. The family dentist may use a variety of mouth appliances to repair the bite abnormalities.

Pay attention and get the help your child needs

If your child shows signs of any of these concerns, do not put off a visit to the family dentist. Seek early orthodontic treatment when your son or daughter hits age 7. Find a family dentist near you that you feel good about. Set up a time for the family dentist to examine your child. This dental professional will determine which treatments are appropriate. You can then put your child on a pathway to good oral health.

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