Dental Phobia: 7 Common Fears, And How To Conquer Them

Dental phobia is more common than most assume.  Patients have all sorts of fears about dental treatments, procedures and even cleanings.  Below, Feist Siegert Dental takes a look at some of the more common dental phobias and how to overcome […] Continue Reading

Want to Have Healthier and Stronger Teeth? Now You Can

Who would not love to have stronger teeth? Having healthy teeth means fewer oral issues for you to deal with. It also means that you get to enjoy all of your favorite treats without having to worry about sensitivity issues […] Continue Reading

How to Repair a Tooth in One Day with CEREC

Before CEREC®, it was necessary to make multiple dental visits for procedures like getting a dental crown, bridge, or veneers. This process can be inconvenient for people with busy schedules. With CEREC® technology, many dental procedures that usually need multiple […] Continue Reading

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that feed on tiny food particles left in your mouth after you’re done eating; it is advisable to rinse your mouth with water to neutralize the acidity caused by the food you eat. If […] Continue Reading

7 Signs of Healthy Teeth

It is no secret that a healthy mouth means a healthy body. Often, a lot of diseases are diagnosed by just through a routine dental checkup.The biggest misconception about healthy teeth is, if there’s no pain it means the teeth […] Continue Reading

Will A Tooth Infection Go Away On Its Own?

Our body is constantly under attack, germs are everywhere and no matter how hard we try we can’t do anything about it – except to do our best to keep everything nice and clean. Our body is equipped with a […] Continue Reading

My Dental Crown Has Fallen Out

If your dental crown falls out, do not panic. Losing a crown is not highly unusual. Though the odds are slim of such an incident, it can certainly happen to you or someone you know. In most cases, crowns fall […] Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Clear Braces

Today’s clear braces are translucent, highly effective and surprisingly affordable. Clear braces can be worn by children as well as adults who have crooked teeth. These translucent braces have spilled into the mainstream as they do not sacrifice patient aesthetics […] Continue Reading

What Partial Dentures Can Do For You

Those who fail to visit the dentist every six months have lost one or several teeth or have a form of gum disease will likely require partial dentures or full dentures down the line. Though the idea of placing dentures […] Continue Reading

What Happens During My Dental Exam?

The average person has a general idea of what he or she should do to maintain oral health. Unfortunately, some patients believe their web sleuthing is all that is necessary for gorgeous, healthy and reliable teeth and gums. A DIY […] Continue Reading